"A Decision Is Only As Sound As The Quantity
And Quality Of Information It Is Based Upon."

Most bad decisions do not come as a result of being a poor decision maker, but rather from not having enough high quality information available when making the decision. As we all know, making decisions based upon hunches can be a very expensive proposition. 

Quantum is experienced in primary, secondary and tertiary research. Whether you require one-on-one interviews, focus groups, telephone surveys or simple baseline demographics, we are capable of assisting your efforts. Our clients have found that for each 10¢ they invest in research and information they will save between $1-$10 by better targeting their marketing efforts. Why would it be any different for you? 

High quality research and information can help you accomplish many things:

  • Build stronger business and marketing plans

  • Raise capital for your venture

  • Analyze risk

  • Identify niche markets

  • much, much more!

Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish. Let Quantum help you hit a bulls-eye every time!

If you are a "do-it-yourselfer," we highly recommend the reports created by our friends at eMarketer . Although these reports are not product specific as Quantum's research might be, they are category specific and only a fraction of the cost of primary research. Our own research usually includes data from their reports as a foundation and starting point for a specific research project we may have. For your convenience, we have listed some of the reports that we have found extremely useful.

eBusiness Report
Filled with comprehensive analysis, based on aggregate data from a number of leading resources, this report explores the future of the B2B market. eBusiness gives you key data on market growth, the economics of doing business online and what large and small business are doing online.  This report conveys the big picture of the emerging B2B market.

eFinancial Services Report
An overview of the exploding financial services market.  We have included statistical information about the financial markets, investors, and growth projections for the industry, this report delivers to you in one reference tool comparative data from multiple financial service leaders and analysts, such as Ernst & Young, and Morgan Stanley.

eAdvertising Report
Using influential resources, eAdvertising pinpoints the strategies and investments that will payoff in future online advertising campaigns.  

eUser & Usage Report
Online companies need to know who is using the internet, where they are using it, when they are online and why. This report provides the data to answer the questions that underlie online ad campaigns, business plans and e-commerce strategies.  eUser & Usage supplies the essential information about the online industry for those present, and soon to be CFO’s.

eRetail Report
eMarketer analyses cuts through the verbiage and presents readers the eB2C market-growth potential, leading sectors and keys to success.

eGlobal Report
The global economy is being transformed by the internet. The eGlobal Report gives an overview of international web adoption rates, e-commerce development, advertising expenditures and the demographics of the internet melting pot.

eMail Marketing Report
This report gives you the big picture on e-mail’s emerging role as marketing and sales vehicle of choice. It is an indispensable guide for web marketers, advertisers, business development gurus and market analysts. (Here’s a hint: Don’t Spam!)

If you would like more information on our Research & Information Services, simply click on the word "INFORMATION" and request it. Our "Auto-Reply" feature will have the information back to you within seconds.

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