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How can you expect anyone to find you if the vehicle (search engines & directories) that brings them to your site does not know you exist? You must inform these search engines that you exist, where you are located, what you offer and what key search words you want to be listed under. This is called "search engine submission or registration". Not only does this need to be done initially, but every few weeks as well, depending on the particular search engine. You can simply submit your home page or each additional page that contains information to a specific topic or product/service. With the right software you can easily do this yourself as often as you desire. Or if you would rather, Quantum can do this for you. See the bottom of this page for more information.

Before you begin submitting your site to thousands of search engines, directories and FFA sites, there are a few things you should know. Although it is true that search engines will be the most popular method by far for people to find you on the World Wide Web, over 90% of all searches are done through one of the top 10 most popular search engines or directories. So, although it does not hurt to submit your site to the other search engines, your time is better invested focusing your attention on the top 10 engines.

Another important fact to realize is that simply submitting your site is not enough. So now you are listed along with the other hundreds of thousands or millions of sites offering the same or similar products and services. So what? If you are not in the top 30 or so of a particular search engine, chances are you will not be found anyway. When you are using a search engine to locate something, how far down the list do you go before calling it quits? The good news is that there are things that you can do to become ranked in top of the listings. Some things, like buying the key search word from a specific search engine, are expensive, while others, like "search engine positioning," are not that expensive - particularly if you do the work yourself. 

Search engines and directories have different criteria as to how they rank your site. Some are similar and some are not. Although you can get lucky and accidentally have the correct combination of elements that will rank your site at the top of the list, the odds are really stacked against you because you are competing with experts that invest many hours each week to work their site to the top and keep it there. Yes, it does make that much difference and the return is well worth the time invested. Be sure to visit our "Search Engine Positioning" page to learn more. Chances are the only reason you found our site was our attention to search engine positioning.

If you would like more information about our Web Registration Services, simply click on the word "INFORMATION" and request it. Our "Auto-Reply" feature will have the information back to you within seconds.

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