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Credible Wireless Books From A Credible Source

3G Wireless Networks
Real-world instruction in the design and deployment of 3G networks.  Pin down the technical details that make 3G wireless networking actually work. In 3G Wireless Networks, experts Clint Smith and Daniel Collins dissect critical issues of compatibility, internetworking, and voice/data convergence, providing you with in-depth explanations of how key standards and protocols intersect and interconnect. This guide digs into the gritty details of day-to-day network operations, giving you a chance to understand the difficulties service providers will experience in making the changeover from 2nd Generation systems (CDMS etc.) to 2.5 Generation systems like WAP and EDGE and finally to full throttle 3G networks. It describes key standards, digs deep into the guts of relevant network protocols, and details the full range of compatibility issues between the US (CDMA 2000) and European (WCDMA) versions of the standard. Plenty of call flow diagrams show you exactly how the technologies work.
(By Daniel Collins & Clint Smith - 500 Pages - Price: $59.95) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Wireless Network Evolution: 2G to 3G
New 3G systems will trigger an explosion in wireless Internet and data applications by delivering far higher data rates than have ever been possible in wireless systems before. In Wireless Network Evolution: 2G to 3G, renowned wireless expert Vijay K. Garg covers key 3G standard and every technical issue associated with planning, management, and optimization of 3G systems. Garg reviews the fundamental principles underlying existing 2G systems, then offers specific, practical guidance on migration to 3G. Wireless Network Evolution: 2G to 3G will be an invaluable resource for every practicing telecommunications engineer and technical decision maker involved in 3G planning, deployment, or management.
(By Vijay K. Garg - 600 Pages - Price: $83.00) Click here for more info and/or to order.

GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications: Professional Developer's Guide
For experienced software developers, Andersson, a specialist in Internet technology, explains the technical issues that underlie the development of software and content for wireless networks and devices. He discusses how General Packet Radio Services and third-generation systems have evolved, how they affect applications, and how to work with existing and emerging protocols. The included disk contains WAP development kits, emulators of several mobile devices, testing templates, and Java SDKs.
Christoffer Andersson - 352 Pages - Price: $34.99) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications
Explains the principles and basic concepts of third generation (3G) mobile telecommunication systems--digital multimedia handsets with high data transmission rates--focusing on the 3GPP-specified frequency division duplex (FDD) mode system. The wideband CDMA air interface is an important component of the 3G system and it is discussed in several chapters. Other chapters overview the universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS), modulation techniques, channel coding, network architecture, network planning and management, and 3G system signaling procedures. The final chapter predicts what kind of telecommunication systems and services will be used in the year 2010.
(By Juha Korhonen - 582 Pages - Price: $99.00)
Click here for more info and/or to order.

Mobile Messaging: revenues, profits and business cases from SMS to MMS
With revenue from short message service (SMS) exceeding 10% of operators' totals, operators are actively marketing SMS services and using messaging applications to drive wider data services. This unique report provides a detailed overview of all SMS services available and also clearly highlights the business models and revenue opportunities associated with messaging, providing a unique strategic tool for your business. Essential market issues covered in the report include: Current SMS traffic, revenues and an analysis of how these will evolve through the introduction of new services and 2.5 and 3G networks, enabling you to make accurate business plans for your company The enhancement of SMS through enhanced message services, the development of multimedia messaging services and the role of instant messaging and unified messaging, allowing you to gain a clear picture of the market and the way ahead Messaging in non-GSM markets where two-way paging fulfils a similar role to SMS, but where cellular messaging services are now being introduced, enabling you to accurately evaluate the future roles of SMS and paging Business models and revenue flow for emerging messaging services, examining how operators will optimize revenues and discussing the role of reverse billing, enabling you to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the market Different messaging needs and the use of messaging in successfully driving a wider mobile data explosion, enabling you to better understand how to increase your customer numbers via SMS, and identify opportunities for the development of successful, profitable services Answer business-critical industry questions, including: How can I optimize revenues from messaging? Can messaging drive other data services? What is the future of messaging? Which messaging solutions will be successful? How will revenue be captured, how will it be shared? Gain all the knowledge you need to capitalize on new opportunities emerging in SMS and beyond!
(By Baskerville Communications - Price: $2,198.00)
Click here for more info and/or to order.

The Wi-Fi Experience: Everyone's Guide to 802.11b Wireless Networking
This book is a complete "experience" for Wi-Fi users, offering how-to instructions and software discounts, full versions on the CD, and recommendations for Wi-Fi projects. The author takes the reader beyond just wireless networking to explore Wi-Fi capabilities in real-world applications such as Wi-Fi with PDAs, VOIP, and building your own Wi-Fi phone.
(By Harold Davis - 176 Pages - Price: $20.99) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Wireless Access and the Local Telephone Network
Whether in the form of cellular, PCS, wireless local loop, LAN or PBX, wireless access techniques collectively pose a serious threat to the supremacy of copper. This survey encompasses technology, applications, system engineering, and economics, appealing to those who need a broad view as well as planners, managers, and engineers concerned with the specifics of analyzing, evaluating, programming, and deploying wireless access systems.

(By George Calhoun - 595 Pages  - Price: $118.00) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Computer Telephony and Wireless Technologies: Future Directions in Communications
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of two of today's most dynamic areas in information technology: computer telephone (CT) and wireless communications. The report explores how these applications can provide solutions for your organization's business needs.
(By Bob Emmerson & David Greetham - 275 Pages  - Price: $275.00) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Telecommunications: Today's Ten Most Critical Telecommunications Technologies With a Focus on the Internet
In this report, telecommunications includes cable, interactive media, voice, data and video transmission. The report explains how these telecommunications technologies work, what business needs they address, how they are being implemented, and costs of implementation. Vendor offerings of key products are also covered.
(By Patrick Flanagan - 206 Pages  - Price: $285.00) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Practical Cellular and PCS Design
Here's a "nuts and bolts" engineering guide on how to design, operate, and maintain a wireless system in cellular or PCS. Filled with practical examples and case studies, this book gives engineers the tools they need to thrive in the new, wireless work environment. Features include: coverage of cellular and PCS design together at the engineering level; skill-building guidelines worth big bucks to telecommunications service providers; dozens of design examples for both PCS and cellular; practical strategies for budgeting, expenses, and performance.
(By Clint Smith - 400 Pages  - Price: $69.95) Click here for more info and/or to order.

Cellular/PCS Management
This is the first wireless textbook aimed at the Telecommunications Management undergraduates and graduate programs growing throughout the country. Developed over the past two years at DuPaul University, it is intended to follow a basic telecommunications course and be accessible to anyone who has taken a basic course. This is not engineering text, but teaches the basics of wireless communications design and operations in considerable, non-mathematical depth.
(By Paul Bedell - 400 Pages  - Price: $34.97) Click here for more info and/or to order.

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