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2/10/97 - Partners with Compass International Research & Information Services...

3/5/96 - Forms Quantum Wireless Solutions to Offer Prepaid Wireless Product..

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Qgold_sm.jpg (2472 bytes)Quantum Communications Group Selects OSS System From Usha Communications Technology For ASP Operations

Eden Prairie, MN  - February 24, 2000 - Quantum Communication Group, an Applications Service Provider (ASP) and PCS service operator headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, announced today that it had awarded to Usha Communications Technology, a new contract for the supply and implementation of its mediation, provisioning, customer care and billing system. Unicorn, Usha Comm’s convergent billing and customer care solution, will be configured for operation in a service bureau environment.

Under the terms of the contract, Quantum and their service bureau customers will have the ability to register customers, provision and activate multiple services, offer unlimited marketing plans and manage their front and back office operations from a single desktop interface. Usha Comm’s solution will also provide aggregated services mediation, call detail record collection, cross-service discounting and single or multiple statement billing formats. Additionally, Unicorn will be implemented with full Internet-based customer care, bill presentment, and payment capabilities.

Mike Clough, CEO of Quantum Communications, says, “We take pride in the fact that we have offered high quality services to the wireless industry for over 12 years.  As we expand our service offerings into the ever changing and highly competitive ASP arena, it is imperative that our customer care and billing solution meet the demands set forth by our carrier clients.”

Pamela Tucholke, vice president of Finance and CFO of Quantum added, “We are very pleased to be able to partner with Usha Comm.  Aside from the rich functionality and flexibility of the system, Usha Comm’s vast experience and demonstrated support will allow us to enter the market quickly and at the same time meet our budget requirements sufficiently.”

Founded in 1988, Quantum Communication Group is a consulting firm specializing in the wireless and Internet industries. Some of its more notable clients include AT&T, Bell South and MCI.

For more information, contact Leonard Davis, Vice President of Operations at 612-942-7650 or leonard.davis@QuantumComm.com

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Quantum Communications Group Partners with Compass International Research & Information Services to Provide Marketing Services to Wireless CarriersQgold_sm.jpg (2472 bytes)

Development of an effective wireless strategy requires factual information and careful analysis of the market potential

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn, February 10, 1997. - Quantum Communications Group, Inc., a leading wireless consulting and management firm, has joined forces with Compass International Research & Information Services, a world-renowned marketing research and consulting firm, to offer marketing research and retention services to wireless carriers throughout the United States and abroad. Increased competition in the wireless telecommunications industry is making it necessary for both new and incumbent wireless carriers to rethink their marketing strategies and identify niche market opportunities. By increasing their knowledge of the market, customer needs, and the competition, this becomes a much easier process. While incumbent cellular carriers have certain advantages over new wireless carriers namely established branding, customers, and infrastructure all wireless carriers are faced with critical marketing issues in the coming months and years. In order to make educated decisions in the areas of business and market planning, both large and small carriers alike will need to come to depend upon high quality market and competitive information to make important business decisions.

Countless articles have been written on the obstacles that new wireless carriers face in building out and operating their network systems across the country. For instance, while many of the A and B-Block Personal Communication Services (PCS) licensees are far along in this process, C through F-Block licensees are still dealing with strategic issues in financing, business and market planning, as well as technology and vendor selection. As lending institutions and Wall Street analysts continue to speculate on the future of wireless, and as competition for new and existing wireless customers heats up, carriers will need to rely on market and competitive information to better define marketing strategies and differentiate service offerings to meet the demands of present and future wireless consumers.

The partnership between Quantum Communications Group and Compass International Research & Information Services brings wireless expertise and knowledge together with the latest marketing research methods and information technologies. Together, the companies have developed research models that assist both incumbent and new wireless carriers in identifying key market information pertaining to market trends, customer needs and attitudes, competition, growth opportunities, and service niches to name a few.

"There is a need for meaningful market information in the wireless industry today," states Mike Clough, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Communications Group. "With ever increasing competition and infrastructure costs running between $5-10 million for the smallest of wireless markets, carriers cannot afford not to perform preliminary market research to help identify key market, customer, and competitive data. Furthermore, carriers cannot make infrastructure decisions based on vendor opinions and economic situations alone. Market and customer data must also drive technology choice, as well as business and market planning. After the system is built and customers continue to be added, carriers need to continue to question the effectiveness of their strategies and communicate with the consumers to better their service offerings. With our knowledge of the wireless industry and Compass’ world-renowned expertise in market research, we can provide wireless carriers of all sizes an extremely beneficial service which will help them succeed in the long-term."

The companies are currently offering customizable market research services that can include mail, telephone, or on-site surveys, as well as focus group development and implementation. For existing wireless carriers, the companies have developed the Satisfaction Tracking And Retention System (STARS™), which is a tailored marketing program that provides a current or ongoing reading of customer satisfaction, competitive performance, distribution performance, customer retention, advertising effectiveness, and operations performance. STARS™ allows carriers to identify trouble spots throughout the organization, including sales, customer service, billing, and technical service. If acted on in a timely fashion, the program can help to identify unhappy or disgruntled customers who might otherwise move to another carrier, ultimately reducing churn and cost per gross activation. "The STARS™ program could not come at a better time for existing wireless carriers," explained George Zirnhelt, President of Compass International Research & Information Services. "With six PCS licensees, two cellular carriers, and a host of other related service providers soon to be operating in every market in the United States, customer satisfaction and retention will be important to remain competitive and profitable."

Compass International Research & Information Services, headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., is a leading marketing consulting and research firm providing market data to a variety of business sectors around the world, including power equipment companies, public utilities, automobile and engine manufacturers, and most recently, the telecommunications industry. With a truly international operating network of offices in St. Paul, Minn., Brussels, Belgium, and Tokyo, Japan, Compass offers its clients international, multi-lingual, telephone and mail survey capabilities, as well as focus group services. Clients have included Motorola Corporation, Westinghouse, General Electric Company, BMW, Mercedes Benz AG, Caterpillar, DuPont, and Ford Motor Company just to name a few. To date, nearly 3,000 proprietary consulting assignments have been completed for these and a host of other industry leaders.

Quantum Communications Group, Inc. is a telecommunications consulting firm specializing in the development of small to medium-size markets in the wireless industry. To date, Quantum has provided construction, management, and operational services to dozens of MSAs and RSAs in the cellular industry, with clients ranging from the smallest fill-in markets to the largest wireless carrier in the country - AT&T Wireless. Unlike consulting companies that provide inflexible, pre-packaged solutions, Quantum Communications Group recognizes the economic restraints, geographic requirements, and challenging management and marketing issues that mid-size carriers are faced with in building out and operating their markets. Quantum also understands the challenges that lie ahead for incumbent cellular carriers competing against new wireless technologies and competitors. By recognizing these differences, Quantum is able to provide tailored economic solutions and technologies that support both the specific needs of the carrier and the customers they serve.

To learn more about our Research & Information Services, visit Quantum wireless Marketing Services Page or call (952) 942-7650.

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Quantum Communications Group Selected by Alpha Trust Partnership to Manage Cellular Market in IllinoisQgold_sm.jpg (2472 bytes)

Alpha Trust Partners are confident in Quantum’s industry experience and dedication to the development of mid-size wireless markets

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn, February 2, 1997 – Quantum Communications Group, Inc., a leading wireless consulting and management firm, announced today that it has been selected by Alpha Trust Partnership to manage its unserved cellular market in the Springfield, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Terms of the agreement include day-to-day operations management, technical support and monitoring, financial accounting and reporting, as well as future expansion engineering and construction.

Alpha Trust’s unserved cellular market covers three communities in Illinois; Petersburg, Greenview, and Athens, which together encompass 17,417 POPs. According to industry reports, approximately 12,600 vehicles pass through the region daily. Other cellular carriers in the Springfield MSA include Cellular One (A) and Ameritech (B).

Quantum Communications Group, Inc. is a telecommunications consulting and management firm specializing in the development of small to medium-size markets in the wireless industry. To date, Quantum has provided construction, management, marketing and operational services to dozens of MSAs and RSAs in the cellular industry. Quantum currently manages RSAs and unserved cellular markets in Minnesota, Alabama, Illinois, California, Kansas, and Montana.

To learn more about our Management Services, visit Quantum wireless Operational Services Page or call (952) 942-7650.

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Quantum Communications Group, Inc. forms Quantum Wireless Solutions to Offer Pre-Paid Wireless ProductGold Q (sm).jpg (4031 bytes)

Product developed in response to a growing turn-down rate in the cellular industry

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn, March 5, 1996 - Quantum Wireless Solutions (QWS) was formed in response to a need for a pre-paid product that allows wireless carriers the opportunity to provide service to credit challenged subscribers with little or no risk. Carriers have experienced a dramatic increase in those potential subscribers who are turned down for service due to bad or no credit. In the early years of cellular, this "turn-down" rate was only 5-10% of the customer base. That number has increased to approximately 25% in smaller MSAs, and to more than 40% in many larger markets. Wireless carriers can no longer afford to turn away this valuable credit-challenged customer base.

Quantum Communications Group, Inc. took its knowledge of wireless carriers and their operational needs, and combined it with the billing and software development expertise of HNC, Inc. and Excel Software Developers to develop the Q-2000 Quantum Revenue Enhancement System. The Q-2000 system offers wireless carriers multi-tasking capabilities including pre-paid wireless, real-time/metered billing, and unregistered roaming capabilities.

The Q-2000 system is currently being tested by AT&T Wireless in Sacramento, California, where it experiences a high number of activation turndown rates. The Q-2000 system provides AT&T with a method of activating new customers who may be a credit risk, budget conscious, or who dislike contract commitments. By doing so, AT&T is able increase its market share in the Sacramento area and lower its overall cost per gross add with little or no risk.

Together, Quantum Communications Group and Quantum Wireless Solutions offer innovative and affordable wireless solutions and technologies to assist wireless carriers of all sizes.

To learn more about our Prepaid Wireless Services, visit Quantum Wireless Prepaid Services Page or call (952) 942-7650.

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