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Employment, Subcontracting & Partnering

Welcome to our "opportunity" page. As we grow, Quantum and its clients seek highly motivated individuals as employees, subcontractors and partners to assist our efforts in capitalizing on the enormous opportunities now available within the wireless & Internet industries. Listed below are some of the positions we presently seek to fill.

However, regardless of these listings, Quantum and its clients are always looking for above average individuals and unique companies with experience in any aspect of the wireless industry that we can employ, subcontract to and/or partner with. If you are that individual or company, simply attach your resume or corporate profile to an email message and send it to Melinda Ulrich, our Director of Human Resources or if you prefer, fax or mail it to us at our Executive Offices. We want to hear from you!


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Private Label Revenue Enhancement Products
Wireless Operations Management
Private Label Our Services

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Private Label Revenue Enhancement Products
Quantum's program group interfaces with wireless carriers daily offering them a unique array of high demand programs that can be private labeled, enhances revenue and is in high demand by wireless subscribers. If your firm has such a product or service, Quantum may be interested in partnering with you to market it to the wireless industry. Simply contact Mike Clough, President/CEO at our Executive Offices or Click Here to send Mike an email explaining what you have.

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Wireless Operations Management
Quantum is extremely desirous of partnering with companies that hold FCC wireless licenses (PCS, cellular, SMR, paging, etc.) for the purpose of managing and operating these markets. From operating dozens of small rural markets, Quantum knows where to find efficiencies in COS, marketing and administration. We also understand revenue enhancement and how to secure as much revenue as possible from each subscriber. To learn more about Quantum, check out our "About Us" page. To learn more about our management team, check out our "Management" page. If this interests you, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Mike Clough, President/CEO at our Executive Offices or Click Here to send Mike an email explaining where your interest lies.

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Private Label Our Services
Quantum partners with many individuals and wireless consulting firms that wish to expand the consulting services they provide by private labeling our services under their name. In other words, they secure the business and subcontract it out to Quantum. Quantum does the work confidentially under their name and logo at a value they can afford to mark-up, providing additional profits and enhanced image to these industry consultants. If this concept interests you, contact Mike Clough, President/CEO at our Executive Offices or Click Here to send Mike an email explaining what additional services you would like to offer.

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