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What Our Clients Say About Us

"I want you to know how much we appreciated Quantum's efforts... We could not have been more pleased with the outstanding performance of Leonard and Max. Amazingly, you guys got the job done (ahead of schedule) in spite of the hardship imposed upon us by the Commission! We always felt like we were getting a square deal from you folks and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services in a heartbeat!" 

Jack McElroy
McElroy Electronics Corporation

"When you took over the system, there were many problems, not the least of which were poor marketing and sales efforts, and consequent limited results. You proved yourself able to work under these difficult conditions and managed in a very short period of time to turn the entire operation around."

N. L. Bentson
Executive Vice President
Midcontinental Corporation

"Mike Clough’s organizational and presentation skills are excellent. His experience in difficult facets of this industry gives him tremendous depth. He has been an asset in helping us establish various checks and balances and policies and procedures, as well as the selection of many of our key personnel. He has tremendous tenacity and finishes projects on time. Mike gets things done!"

Jon D. Word
Executive Vice President
Cellular Information Systems

"Quantum Communications Group’s involvement and commitment to the development and success of Great Falls, in particular, was a major factor in my decision to accept my present position with CIS. We went to full operational capability... and ended the first six months with 300% of sales quota."

Michael W. Cummins
General Manager
Cellular One of Great Falls

"Michael Clough and Quantum Communications Group’s great organizational skills and ingenuity were the key factors in making our market a success. Michael’s dedication and positive attitude make up a large part of Quantum’s prosperity, which in turn is a benefit to everyone who has an opportunity to incorporate his ideas into their business."

Rene Tousley
General Manager
Cellular One of Billings

"Starting up a total business was new to me. Frankly, without the assistance of Quantum, the job would have been impossible. Quantum’s marketing skills, including sales promotions/contests, employee recognition programs and doing the job right the first time, were most important in the start-up of my market."

Brian Ward
General Manager
Cellular One of Bismarck

"Working with Mike Clough on cellular system opportunities makes sense for RSA owners… Quantum is the most professional, most experienced, most successful, and the most dependable cellular management resource available. Mike gets results; and his business judgments are always sounds."

William Northfield
Chief Executive Officer
Celltel Systems, Inc.

"After having numerous phone conversations with, and personally interviewing dozens of cellular consultants, engineers and various other service providers, I picked Quantum over the other firms because of their reputation for being very professional, ethical, knowledgeable and very well connected within the wireless industry. I have been extremely satisfied with their services. The efforts of Quantum has helped greatly to relieve the inevitable anxiety that goes with a project such as this. I can say without reservation that I highly recommend Michael Clough and Quantum."

Cynthia Spittler
Chief Executive Officer
Alaska Cellular Telephone

"We believe that the way an individual runs his own business is a strong indicator of how he will run ours. Our due diligence of Quantum Communications Group and Michael Clough uncovered an exceptional track record of experience and superior results. Michael’s organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to attract high quality professionals are an inspiration. His knowledge and understanding of those who live in the conservative Midwest and how to properly interface with them is uncanny. After watching him at work, I am confident other wireless consulting firms would come in a distant second."

Kevin C. Cox
Managing General Partner
Mega-Tel Cellular III


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